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Karma Kinglake

Karma Kinglake

Take a trip up, up, up the mountain, away from the bustle of everyday life, away from the noise and demands of the city, and into the beauty and tranquility of Kinglake.

Awaiting you is Karma, the retreat which’ll be your sanctuary this weekend. Rustic on first impressions, Karma offers luxurious accommodations, mouth-watering meals, and the opportunity to rest, recharge, and discover your innermost desires.

‘It’s an amazing intimate event!’
– Nandita Chakroborty
May 2017 Retreat Participant


‘Very personal and able to easily absorb the information in that format and obtain clarification as required. Wonderful overview for someone starting out!’
– Libby Murray
May 2017 Retreat Participant


‘Great experience!’
– Jenny Mitchell
May 2017 Participant


‘So much was covered over the weekend in a comfortable, nurturing environment.’
– Jan Sutton
May 2017 Retreat Participant


‘Just a huge THANK YOU. I LOVED it.’
– Liz Jones
October 2016 Retreat Participant


‘If you want to be a writer, do this course!’
– Linda
October 2016 Retreat Participant

‘Great for novices through to experienced writers. Highly recommended.’
– Jo Cook
October 2016 Retreat Participant

‘I find workshops help me develop and maintain momentum, and this one was outstanding.’
– Lisa Roberts
October 2016 Retreat Participant

‘Great writing program. Very supportive. It was fantastic!’
– Colleen Goth
May 2016 Retreat Participant

‘Both Blaise and Les communicate and impart their knowledge in a way that makes it easy and fun to learn!’
– Yolande White
May 2016 Retreat Participant

‘This weekend retreat was an amazing way to expand, explore and elevate my writing. Highly recommended to anyone who has written or anyone who is considering it. Thanks, Busybird Publishing, for the experience.’
– Lauren Rowan
May 2016 Retreat Participant

‘Blaise and Les were excellent facilitators; their sessions were highly informative and entertaining. As writers themselves they were always aware and respectful of the sensitivities of would-be writers.’
– Carolyn Lloyd
June 2014 Retreat Participant

Participate in our writing retreat, whether your specialty is fiction (do you write short stories? or have a novel in the works?) or nonfiction (perhaps you want to write a memoir, a family or community history, a self-help or business book), and learn from a series of workshops that will feature theory and practice (yes, there’ll be writing exercises!) on the following:

    • Explore why we write: why do you want to write, and what stands in the way of finishing your project?
    • Elements of writing: join us as we look at voice, sense of character, sense of place, dialogue, POV, tense, the finer details and, in the case of nonfiction, how to deal with incorporating real people and sensitive truths
    • Structure, Plot, and Content: looking at how you break down structure, explore the use of plot, character arcs, what do you and don’t you include, and how do you transcend those emotional barriers and get deep into authentic writing
    • Workshopping: workshopping an excerpt from your writing, including a professional edit and assessment of the excerpt from one of our renowned editors
    • Prose: getting into the nitty gritty of writing, and being educated on such things as filters, tautologies, expletive constructions, show don’t tell, exposition, and more!
    • Revising, Submitting, and Publishing: once your work is complete, how do you approach revision? How do you prepare for submitting? What are the differences between self-publishing and submitting to a commercial publisher?
    • The Wrap-up: a reflection on how to take everything you’ve learned and apply it.

This two-day program will transform your writing life. Join this small group at Karma Kinglake from 24–26 August 2018.

Your story is going to grow in ways that you cannot imagine and your life will open up to the unexpected.

You will develop and grow as a writer in ways you never could’ve possibly imagined.

About Karma Kinglake
karmadiningandloungesmallKarma Kinglake is truly a place to nurture the creative in all of us.

Rebuilt from the ashes of the most extraordinary chapter in Kinglake’s history and Australia’s worst natural disaster – Black Saturday – Karma Kinglake has a story of its own that can be felt in the walls and seen in the reclaimed timbers that once stood proudly nearby.

Our host, Karen, works painstakingly to provide sumptuous meals and see that all your requirements are met. A scan of TripAdvisor reveals five-star review after five-star review, testimony to the excellence of this rural hideaway.

Karma Kinglake can be found at:

    6 Ward Street
    Kinglake, Victoria 3763.

It’s located on the top of the Great Dividing Range and is just 67km from the Melbourne CBD. The Kinglake Township is thriving again, along with the National Park surrounding it, and there’s always a lot to do in and around Kinglake.

Please check out their website for a comprehensive look at this magnificent property: Karma Kinglake.


Your writing journey is about to begin.
If not now, when?


This program is all-inclusive (prices include GST):

Item Value Cost
2 x Breakfast $30.00 FREE
2 x Lunch $50.00 $50.00
2 x Dinner $150.00 $150.00
Endless tea/coffee $20.00 FREE
Accommodation: $300.00 $300.00
6 workshop sessions $1,650.00 $895.00
2 x Writing discussion/table talk PRICELESS PRICELESS
Copy of The Book Book: 12 Steps to Successful Publishing plus other resources $30.00 FREE
Full Package $2,230.00 $1,395.00


karmabedroomsmallBook and pay by 20th July 2018 and get the Early Bird Price $1,150!

Full price: $1,395.

Full payment due for all participants: 10 August 2018. However, we can arrange payment plans.

All accommodation are in single rooms, although some are in two-room nests.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation fee of $200 applies if cancellation prior to 20 July 2018.

50% cancellation fee applies if cancelling after 10 August 2018.

No refund will apply after 18 August 2018.


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This writing program is going to transform your writing in more ways than one.

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