Book Writing Boot Camp 27–28 July 2019

lbookcamp-websiteHave you always wanted to a write a book? Do you want to become a published author? Do you find the whole process of writing a book and trying to work out what comes next daunting?

Then Book Writing Boot Camp is for you.

You might be interested because …

    • you have an idea for the Great Australian Novel, or a story that’s been gestating in your head, but you don’t know how to get it out on the page, or what to do once you’ve written it
    • you want to write a memoir or autobiography of your life, or a biography of somebody, or a history of your family, or community, but are unsure how to tackle it
    • you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur and have wanted to write a book that showcases your expertise, establishes you as a leader in your field, and proclaims you a published author
    • you’ve written a book, but don’t know where to go next.

Book Writing Boot Camp is an intensive all-day workshop that will cover things like outlining your idea, planning the writing, writing tips on how to get the best out of yourself, detailing a publishing plan (either to self-publish, or to submit to traditional publishers), marketing the finished book, and all those little steps in-between. It’s your one-stop workshop that will exhaustively cover the life of your book, from conception to publication.

The Book Chick, Busybird’s Director of Publishing, Blaise van Hecke, will be facilitating Book Writing Boot Camps all around Australia. If you’d like to book into Book Writing Boot Camp, just click the link.


Day Date Location Book
Saturday 12th August Busybird HERE
Saturday 9th September Busybird HERE
Saturday 14th October Busybird HERE
Saturday 11th November Busybird HERE
Saturday 2nd December Busybird HERE


More dates are being added, even as you read this!

If you’re interested in talking to us about Book Writing Boot Camp, you can call us and talk to Blaise on (03) 9434 6365 or contact us via email.

Or contact us to let us know if you’re interested in having a Book Writing Boot Camp in an area near you, whether it’s for a writing group, a festival, or any other sort of writing- and/or publishing-related function!

What attendees have said about Book Camp …

‘Very informative and inspiring …’

‘Excellent. Obtained a lot of genuine guidance.’

‘Loved the personal style …’

‘Excellent information … Well worth the investment!’

‘Fantastic! Well done!’

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