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Be part of the health revolution! Write your story.
The demand for information in the health sector is growing exponentially. This means that the market for books dealing with health issues is also growing. Credibility is increased with publishing but for some, the cost of publishing a book can be prohibitive.

We are publishing a book series entitled Health Conscious, with each book in the series intending to explore a different aspect of health – from the obvious physical and psychological standpoints, to an exploration of cultural and environmental contributors and their impact on our everyday lives.

Healthy Spirit is the third book – an anthology limited to twelve non-competing professionals, each using their specific expertise to approach the challenge of creating and maintaining a healthy body. The book will be released as a print book as well as an ebook and distributed worldwide.

With a foreword written by Father Bob Maguire AM (TBC), this book will be diverse and inspirational. Father Bob is well known for his outspokenness in his work as an Australian Roman Catholic Priest in Melbourne, where he has done exceptional work with the homeless and Father Bobs Foundation (for which he received an Australian Medal). While the intention of this book is not about a specific religion, Father Bob looks at spirit from a more holistic viewpoint than his dogmatic contemporaries.Healthy Body’ to Go For Gold Scholarship.

This is an opportunity for you to be a contributor. We are looking for articles of between 3,000–4,000 words about ‘How do we create and maintain a healthy spirit?

There are undeniable benefits to participating in the Health Conscious Project:

  • you can add ‘published author’ to your CV
  • increase your exposure
  • increase your credibility
  • have a product for your business funnel
  • affiliate with other health industry professionals.

To meet our October launch date, articles need to be submitted to our chief editor by 30th June. There will be a publicity campaign that kicks off in September, which will be great exposure for all involved. To participate, you need to discuss this project and pitch your ideas to me by 15th June.


YOUR INVESTMENT $1500 (GST inclusive) (payment plan available)
This contribution will be used towards the editing and production of the book, the publicity campaign and a limited print run of the book. Each participant will receive 20 copies of the book but can purchase additional copies at wholesale prices as follows:

  • 100 copies $800
  • 200 copies $1200
  • 300 copies $1500

The book will retail at $25. Any books that you purchase are for your own use to either give away or sell. This allows you to make back your investment with as little as 98 book sales, including purchase of books.


Blaise van Hecke
Phone: (03) 9434 6365
Email: Link.
Contributor’s Guidelines: Here.


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