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Title: Healthy Spirit
Price: $25.00
Publication Date: 4 December 2018
Format: Paperback (210x135mm, 180 pages)
ISBN (Print): 978-1-925830-37-8
ISBN (Ebook): 978-1-925830-87-3
Category: Nonfiction
Availability: Selected bookstores, Busybird Publishing, and online.

How do you keep a healthy spirit?

What exactly is spirit? It is a seemingly abstract and often mind-boggling concept that gets lost in the many other day to day things we have to worry about such as caring for our body and, more increasingly, our mental health. But could these aspects of our life intertwine with our spirit?

Do you regard your spirit as something akin to your soul, to your outlook and passion in life? Or, do you see it more in the traditional sense of religious practice and prayer?

Healthy Spirit is the third instalment in The Health Conscious series, featuring articles from regular people, from a lawyer, to a psychic, to a publisher and almost everything else in between. The articles are written to be insightful, interesting and useful to you in their differing ideas about what spirit is and how to care for it.

With a Foreword written by Father Bob.

The Health Conscious Series (Includes P&H)


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Title: Healthy Mind
Author: Various
Series: The Health Conscious Project
Price: $25.00
Publication Date: 23 October 2015
Format: Paperback (210x135mm, 192 pages)
ISBN: 978 1 925260 78 6
Category: Nonfiction

Ten experts speak through their unique modalities and discuss how to keep a healthy mind.

Title: Healthy Body
Author: Various
Series: The Health Conscious Project
Price: $25.00
Publication Date: 22 July 2017
Format: Paperback (210x135mm, 208 pages)
ISBN: 978-1-925585-57-5
Category: Nonfiction

Ten experts speak through their unique modalities and discuss how to keep a healthy body.

Title: Live Your Truth
Series: The We Inspire Now anthology series
Price: $30.00
Publication Date: 24 November 2018
Format: Paperback (234x153mm, 152 pages)
ISBN (Print): 978-1-925830-31-6
ISBN (Ebook): 978-1-925830-89-7
Category: Nonfiction

An anthology of people who found the courage to change their lives and live their truth.

Title: The Road to Tralfamadore is Bathed in River Water
Author: Blaise van Hecke
Price (Hardback): $25.00
Price (Paperback): $18.00
Publication Date: 8 August 2018
Format: Hardback (216x140mm – top)
Format: Paperback (216x140mm – bottom)
Paperback: 978-1-925830-10-1
Hardback: 978-1-925830-04-0
Ebook: 978-1-925830-03-3
Category: Nonfiction

An ethereal memoir about growing up in a hippy commune in the 1970s.

Title: Joffa: Isn’t That Life?
Author: Jeff Joffa Corfe
Price: $25.00
Publication Date: 11 June 2015
Reprint: 21 March 2018
Format: Paperback (240x116mm, 227 pages)
ISBN: 978-1-925692-45-7
Category: Nonfiction

The story of Joffa, AFL’s most famous football supporter. Now with BONUS material – Joffa’s top ten players, with profiles written by authors Joffa has personally hand-selected!

Title: Bent Thumb Thinking
Author: Graham Crossan
Price: $25.00
Publication Date: 5 December 2017
Format: Paperback (234mm x 156mm, 180 pages)
ISBN: 978 1 925692 35 8
Category: Nonfiction

A collection of anecdotes by an extraordinary man with a lateral view on life.

Title: Drifting
Author: Sean O’Leary
Price: $20.00
Publication Date: 20 September 2017
Format: Paperback (181x111mm, 170 pages)
ISBN: 978-1-925585-55-1
Category: Fiction

Ben drifts into Geraldton, broke, lost, and trying to escape a past that haunts him. When he meets Kelly – a strong, determined woman – he has a chance to redeem himself, but can he escape the choices of his past, or will he be forever drifting?

Title: Pride
Author: Lazaros Zigomanis
Price: $25.00
Publication Date: 27 April 2017
Format (white cover): Paperback (234x153mm, 292 pages)
Format (red cover): Hardback (234x156mm, 292 pages)
Print: 978-1-925585-24-7
Hardback: 978-1-925585-89-6
Ebook: 978-1-925585-25-4
Category: Fiction

Luke wants more than what small-town living has to offer, and he thinks footy may be his way out. Everything begins to change when an Indigenous footballer, Adam Pride, emerges from the night.

Title: 13 Stories
Authors: Various
Price: $20.00
Publication Date: 12 October 2016
Format: Paperback (216x140mm, 128 pages)
ISBN: 978-0-9953503-2-8
Category: Fiction

A collection of thirteen stories featuring some of Australia’s newest and most promising writers, including Ryan O’Neill (winner of the 2017 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards for Their Brilliant Careers), and A. S. Patrić (winner of the 2016 Miles Franklin for Black Rock, White City).

Title: The Uncanny Love of Jimmy Panagakos
Author: Beth Hill
Price: $20.00
Publication Date: 15 October 2015
Format: Paperback (181x111mm, 128 pages)
ISBN: 978-1-925260-80-9
Category: Fiction

Jimmy Panagakos returns home to manage the family milk bar, and deal with an unrequited love.

Title: The Launch Book
Series: The Easy Publishing Series
Author: Les Zigomanis
Price: $14.95
Publication Date: 22 April 2015
Format: Paperback (181x111mm, 70 pages)
ISBN: 9780992522605
Category: Nonfiction

In this simple guide, learn everything you need to know to organise your book launch.

Title: The Book Book: 12 Steps to Successful Publishing
Series: The Easy Publishing Series
Author: Blaise van Hecke
Price: $19.95
Publication Date: 7 February 2014
Format: Paperback (181x111mm, 148 pages)
ISBN: 9780992432508
Category: Nonfiction

Learn everything you need to know about publishing!

Title: Self Made: Real Australian Business Stories
Price: $15.00
Publication Date: 14 February 201
Format: Paperback (181x111mm, 143 pages)
ISBN: 978 0 9924874 3 0
Category: Nonfiction

Eight biopics from business owners who’ve built businesses from the ground up are sure to help you on the road to becoming self-made!

Title: Below the Belt: Experiences with Prostate Cancer
Author: Various
Price: $25.00
Publication Date: 21 February 2015
Format: Paperback (153x234mm, 205 pages)
ISBN: 978 0 9925547 3 6
Category: Nonfiction

An anthology of experiences from people who’ve battled prostate cancer.

Title: Journey: Experiences with Breast Cancer
Author: Various
Price: $25.00
Publication Date: 20 February 2012
Format: Paperback (150x230mm, 326 pages)
ISBN: 978 0 987 1538 0 7
Category: Nonfiction

A collection of stories from people who’ve been touched by breast cancer.

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