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Having Played My Part

Posted by on Apr 27, 2016 in Our Books | 4 comments

the-sun-470317_1280I’ve been the head editor of page seventeen since it came to Busybird in 2011. Since that time we’ve released four books across five years – all exhibiting work from emerging writers and first-timers with something to say.

They’ve been wildly diverse collections. Rarely have we published the same author twice. Rarely have we sunk deep into a single genre or theme.

I’ve had different reactions of pride to every issue – the exuberance of #09, the cheekiness of #10, the shining assertiveness of #11, the cavalier confidence of #12. It’s been hard and even frustrating at times getting every issue sorted. But I love them all, and I’ve loved having the opportunity to play such a large part in putting them together.

And yet, here I am announcing that I am stepping away as head editor of page seventeen.

It has not been an easy decision to make, and one that I’ve been admittedly dragging my heels on. But when I can no longer promise putting in the same time and effort that I know P17 requires, I have to take that as a sign. And maybe P17 is due for some fresh changes, the kind that can benefit from a switch in management.

So although I’ll certainly miss running the submissions and going through all the content, I’m not as upset as I thought I would be. I’ll still be around, both as an editor for Busybird Publishing and reciting my clunky prose a little too fast at the Busybird Open Mic Nights. I’ll even continue to post on this blog here and there, just no longer as P17’s ‘figurehead’.

In regards to P17-based developments, keep watching this space (and the Facebook pages for both P17 and Busybird) for more updates.

To everyone who helped bring each issue together – readers, editors, judges, proofreaders – so many thanks are due. To the Busybird team in particular for being so supportive as I’ve stumbled my way along.

And there are so many writers and submitters out there who I’m indebted to for trusting us with their work. The stories, poems and articles we’ve published across these four issues of P17 are just tiny pieces of the massive jigsaw puzzle we’ve been working with. So many writers out there with so many ideas. P17 would be an empty shell without them. Thank you.

And to anyone who’s read the issues I’ve overseen, I hope you enjoyed them. I know I have.

Beau Hillier

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Page Seventeen #12

Posted by on Mar 31, 2016 in Our Books | 0 comments

P17 12

Cover image – ‘Natural connection’ by Martin Nitschke.

In case you haven’t heard, let me shout it anew: the latest issue of page seventeen is now available in paperback form.

You might be aware that Issue 12 was the first page seventeen to be produced as a digital edition. Which is awesome. But page seventeen has always been about having that physical copy as well – it just feels a little more official having your name on the page rather than on the screen, right? It’s something to keep on that bookshelf the digital age keeps telling us will no longer exist once e-readers become ubiquitous, because the digital age can go sit in the corner while we hang on to our print books (barely-relevant rant over).

But if you haven’t checked out page seventeen yet, both Kindle and paperback editions can be snapped up by dropping us a line at Busybird – call at (03) 9434 6365 or email via our contact form here. It’s over thirty short stories and poems from both established writers and talented up-and-comers – pretty good mix for a weekend read.

If you’re interested in older editions of page seventeen some issues are still available from Busybird – check out this site for more info. Unfortunately some of the older editions are out of print, but Issue 8 onwards are currently in stock.

And spread the word! It’s the whole point of page seventeen, after all – giving emerging writers a platform to share their work, break into the publishing world and get some momentum on their writing careers. A little extra nudge here and there never hurt anyone.

Beau Hillier | Editor, page seventeen


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