A Testimonial from Marcello D’Amico

The modern ‘Medici artistic workshop’
marcellopaletteIn July 2013 by chance I first came across Busybird Publishing in Montmorency. I had heard that a new poetry reading open mic night was being held every third Wednesday of the month. I was already attending another poetry reading group, but for some unknown reason I decided to go and read my poems. And it was love at first sight! I was so impressed with the place, something from a lost but engrossing past, where I felt immediately attracted to and at easy. And immediately I could sense within myself a new artistic wave for me, in spite of my age (70 plus).

Meeting Blaise, Kevin and Les was one of the best think that has happened in my life and somehow we jelled immediately. And things got even better as I got to know them. They had it all; it was and of course still is a great team, each with different skills that complement each other. And now Busybird is the cultural centre of our area attracting people from all over Melbourne and other states. The Open Mic nights are of the highest quality and there are also musicians and singers who make the sessions most interesting.

The editorial team is incredible and some exceptional work has been created in this rather small in space, but large in artistic content, place. And this is only the beginning.

marcelloandpaulinePersonally I have been enriched by Busybird and last year in May I held a smallish retrospective exhibition of my artwork including paintings, drawings, watercolours, sculptures, ceramics and prints. Late last year, thanks to the efforts of Blaise and her team, I was able to publish my collection of Italian and English Poetry with twenty-two illustrations of my artwork, and I was so happy with the result. And Kevin’s photo on the front cover is excellent and clearly depicts what I want to say.

Next April/May I will have a second solo drawing exhibition at Busybird; its gallery has already hosted many excellent visual artists. But a special mention to Kevin’s exhibition of his photos shot during his photographic trip to Mount Everest Base Camp last year.

As someone who has travelled around the world as a practicing artistic, including musician, I am proud to say that Busybird is the quintessential art hub for young and not so young, experienced and novice artists. And Blaise, Kevin, Les and their supporting team will make sure that everyone will be the richer for the Busybird experience. And thanks for having accepted me amongst your ranks and given me a new lease of artistic life.

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